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Monday, 09 August 2004


隊名        香港蜻蜓棒球會(Dragonflies Baseball Club)


會長:曾文凱 (Kevin)

會長:張偉豪 (Ho)














About Dragonflies

Name of Club                   :       Dragonflies Baseball Club

Year of Establishment       :       2000

Chairman                         :       Kevin Tsang

Vice Chairman                 :       Ho Cheung

Number of members         :       over 30

“We all love baseball!”

In the autumn of 2000, Dragonflies was founded on this shared passion. 

Since establishment, our club has gone through difficult times and tasted cheers and tears. Thankfully, with our passion for baseball, our club has grown steadily over the years. Our club now has over 30 members and actively participates in the avocational baseball community in Hong Kong. We are indeed a pillar of the local baseball community. 

“Strive for our dream” is not only our target, but also our motivation. The efforts and sweats we pay on persistent practices and competitions every week aim at one goal: Strive for our Dream, Create our Miracle. 

Our club now has two sub-teams:--         

Sub-team One: It comprises players with more experience in our Team. Targeted training is performed for each player in this sub-team to develop his strength and break through his limitation so that our Team can achieve promising results in open competitions.-         

Sub-Team Two: It aims at training new players. Bearing the obligation to promote baseball in Hong Kong, we have put precious resources on establishing this sub-team in order to provide a channel for members of the public who share our interests in baseball to know about and experience baseball.

Our two sub-teams have a grading mechanism which is designed to stimulate each of our players to constantly improve and enhance his skills. We cherish virtuous competition amongst our players. 

Our goals:-


To turn Dragonflies into a baseball team with more perfection, larger scale and better public recognition.

Competition results

To achieve distinguished results in open competitions through enhancing the skills training and strengthening the use of strategy amongst our players.

Baseball promotion

To participate in promoting baseball amongst children in Hong Kong in order to develop the next generation of the local baseball community.

Social participation

To get in touch with society and serve and contribute to the public through participating in voluntary work. 

“Why is our Team named ‘Dragonflies’?”

We believe, with our determination to strive for our dream, we will eventually become a dragon – a dragon flying high in the sky. 


(Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or enquiries)

Last Updated ( Monday, 17 October 2011 )

New Photo Album at Google

We had hosted our game photos at Google, you can either select the menu at left or bookmark this direct link:

  1. http://picasaweb.google.com.hk/hkdragonflies2
  2. http://picasaweb.google.com.hk/hkdragonflies  

New Player Recruitment 歡迎新球員

ImageWe are now recruiting new player to join our big family, if you are interested in all aspect, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Find our contact info at Contact Us (聯絡我們)


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